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interactive language learning
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Language activities
  • 1. Scrambled Sentences exercises create an exercise

    The words of sentences are scrambled and students must sort them into their original order.

    This activity helps you study sentence structure by providing you with genuine text and allowing you to select suitable materials to practice on.

    Type: Individual

    Instructions: Put the bold words in the correct order by drag-drop them into the correct position.

  • 2. Word Guessing exercises create an exercise

    Students enter words in the gaps, based on the context within a given article, individually or collaboratively.

    This activity helps improve your vocabulary and sentence structure and your communication skills.

    Type: Individual or Group collaboration

    Instructions: Click on the gap and type in a word. Click on the light bulb icon (if any) for help.

  • 3. Predicting Words and Phrases exercises create an exercise

    Students collaborate to predict words they think will occur in a given text, This activity provides a learning environment in which you help each other by sharing information and exchanging ideas.

    Type: Group collaboration

    Instructions: In the text box, type your guesses of what words you think might be in the article. Use the title and/or image to help you think of words.