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Older people would walk if criminal elements were eradicated and they felt safe to walk on the streets day or night" "Get really tough on vandalism. Safe, healthy, accessible environments, buildings, services and facilities for families, children, youth, Older people , different ethnic groups and for people with disabilities. Think of all the people who will need really good facilities and access for our disabled children" "Keep cars out of the city to a certain extent though consideration must be given to Older people , disabled people and young children. No sandwich boards in CBD." Pedestrian friendly - making the walking experience more pleasurable, with covered walkways, greenways, art works, seating, pedestrian linkages between areas "Covered walk and cycleways - increasing people walking/ cycling when weather is bad - raining etc." "A restful not frantic space with green places and/or corridors providing a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists" "Greenways for walking and cycling through" "Attractive "lanes" and pedestrian linkages between the different areas" Pedestrian friendly – for everyone – including children, Older people , people with mobility issues, people with push chairs, etc "I don't want stones or paving which when it gets wet you can slip on. "don't want to be denied access to anywhere i want to go because I have a pram, or a walking frame, or a wheelchair" "It is important to provide for all ages and transport needs to be available for Older people and disabled" "A city that is accessible to everyone in the community